Coronavirus UK news – Arthritis drug ‘could cut deaths’ as Gareth Southgate battled covid and growth rate is ‘slowing’

A NEW arthritis drug has been found to cut deaths by two-thirds in patients who are admitted to hospital with coronavirus, it has been revealed.

Researchers have said that the pill, named Olumiant, has been found to reduce deaths by 71 percent in those with moderate or severe symptoms.

Meanwhile the Sun on Sunday revealed how England manager Gareth Southgate has been secretly battling Covid with the players none the wiser.

It comes as the UK experienced its deadliest Saturday since May 2, with 462 more people dead on Saturday during the second Covid wave bringing the total fatalities to 51,766.

But Professor Sir Ian Diamond, the head of the Office for National Statistics , sid that there had been slow down in new cases.

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