Coronavirus UK news – Boris ‘FURIOUS’ at 2nd lockdown ‘fake data’ as half of UK covid cases never recorded – LATEST

BORIS Johnson is furious at being “bounced” into a second coronavirus lockdown based on what he considers to be “fake data”, according to reports.

The PM is said to have been reluctantly signed off the second lockdown only after being told that second wave deaths could reach 4,000 a day – four times the number dying every day during the peak of the first wave.

But the data from Government scientists has since been widely discredited and latest figures suggest the second wave’s peak may actually have occured last Thursday – the day the second lockdown came in.

With infected patients taking up to two weeks before showing any symptoms, the impact of the second lockdown ordinarily wouldn’t have been felt for at least a fortnight – but numbers seem to be falling off.

Boris Johnson is supposed to be furious about the chaos, with one Cabinet minister telling the Daily Mail: “I think he is concerned that he may have been bounced into it… He was really, really cross about the leak because at that point a different decision might still have been made.

‘There is also concern that some of the information used to inform the decision now seems to be crumbling… In fact the figures seem to be suggesting things were getting better before the lockdown began – we are being shut down for a month when we did not need to be.”

The news comes as pandemic expert Mark Woolhouse, professor of infectious disease epidemiology at the University of Edinburgh, warned that roughly half of all people with coronavirus in the UK are ignoring their symptoms rather than getting tests as they fear self-isolating.

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