Coronavirus UK news – Boris vows ‘our captivity is almost over’ and Tier systems may be scrapped by end of February

BORIS JOHNSON has said the nation is “nearly out of captivity” in a rallying cry to beat coronavirus – but warned Brits to working together to “kick Covid out”.

Writing in the Mail on Sunday, the Prime Minister also warned of the disastrous consequences of scrapping tiers on the NHS as he faces gorwing unrest in his own party.

“We are so nearly out of our captivity. We can see the sunlit upland pastures ahead. But if we try to jump the fence now, we will simply tangle ourselves in the last barbed wire, with disastrous consequences for the NHS,” he said.

“So let’s do the job properly. Let’s work together, and with tiering, testing and vaccines let’s make 2021 the year we kick covid out, take back control of our lives and reclaim all the things we love.”

In a bed to quell the unrest, the PM has also written to Conservative MPs offering them a second vote on the coronavirus tier system early next year.

Meanwhile, tier system geared up to start in December could last until Easter Monday as MPs say ‘stealth lockdown’ can’t be justified.

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