Coronavirus UK news – Covid vaccine BOMBSHELL as new Moderna jab even more effective than Pfizer at 95% effective rating

A NEW covid vaccine developed in the US is even more effective than one produced by Pfizer in the UK, new results suggest.

In a trial of 30,000 people given two doses four weeks apart, the jab produced by US firm Moderna was show to be nearly 95% effective – a slightly better result than the 90% effectiveness rating the Pfizer jab had.

The UK is currently negotiating a price for the Moderna jab, which was produced by America’s Operation Warp Speed vaccine programme, but has not yet pre-ordered any of them.

The bombshell news that there are now at least two coronavirus vaccines proving to be highly effective is a massive boost to the hope of a return to normality in 2021 and an end to crippling national and local lockdowns.

The news comes as Health Secretary Matt Hancock blasted anti-vaxxers, telling them taking the new coronavirus vaccine will be “much less worse than getting the virus”.

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