Coronavirus UK news – Desperate hospitals may put covid beds OUTSIDE and use volunteers in ICU as worst ever surge hits

DESPERATE hospitals may be forced to set up coronavirus units in tents OUTSIDE their main buildings, it has been claimed.

Emergency medicine consultant Simon Walsh, deputy chair of the British Medical Association’s UK consultants committee patients are already being left in ambulances for hours at a time because hospitals are overwhelmed.

“Hospitals are even considering setting up tents that you would see outside in an actual major incident,” he told the Press Association news agency.

His comments come as critical care doctor Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden said hospitals are now so desperate they’re urging unqualified medical students to volunteer their services to help treat intensive care patients.

“Hospitals are running out of oxygen. One trust has no non-invasive machines left. ICUs are tweeting for volunteers to prone patients. Transfer teams being requested to move patients 65+ miles to nearest hospital with critical care capacity,” she tweeted.

The hospital crisis comes as the capital and other areas face being plunged into a brutal tier 5 lockdown with even tighter restrictions than are currently in place amid fears tier 4 simply isn’t slowing the virus enough.

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