Coronavirus UK news – Ditch June 21 lockdown lift and delay green list travel over Indian variant, SAGE experts demand

BORIS Johnson has been urged to scrap June 21 lockdown lifting and delay green list travel by SAGE covid experts.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, Professor Christina Pagel said the UK would be “in a much better position” if we could “delay international travel and delay step four of the roadmap”.

She suggested keeping coronavirus lockdown restrictions for another two months until everybody in the country had been vaccinated would go a long way to ensuring the country isn’t plunged back in lockdown.

“We’re only two months away from that, it’s not long to wait,” she said.

“What worries me even more is that we have not changed our border policy. New variants are coming up everywhere and this summer we need to protect our vaccination programme.

“What I don’t want is for us to have new restrictions…it’s just waiting a little bit longer to open further.”

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