Coronavirus UK news – Fears mutant covid strain worse in KIDS as it spreads all over UK with more areas set for Tier 4

THERE are growing fears that the new mutant strain of coronavirus spreads more easily in children.

Experts are frantically trying to work out exactly why the new variant spreads up to 70% easier than the previous variety – with one major theory being that it spreads in children at a far greater rate.

The fears throw plans for kids to return to school after Christmas into crisis as the initial strain appeared to spread more slowly in children than adults and made kids less ill, enabling schools to re-open.

The new strain is currently ravaging south east England and is believed to be 70% more infectious than normal, causing vast swathes of Europe to close their borders with the UK.

In the meantime you can follow all the latest news and analysis of the new covid crisis in our live blog below.


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