Coronavirus UK news live – Warning over Monday lockdown lift as jabs to ramp up to 1m A DAY over Indian variant fears

A GROWING number of experts issued warnings over the major easing of restrictions on tomorrow – as concerns over the Indian variant grow.

Scientists urged for a delay in the third stage of the roadmap of easing lockdown as medics described the step as a “real worry” while many await vaccination.

The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) concluded there is a “realistic possibility” the strain is 50% more transmissible than the one that emerged in Kent.

Meanwhile, the government plans to vaccinate one million people a day as ‘Covid hit squads’ target India variant hotspots across the country.

By using a stockpile of 3.2 million vaccines, daily doses will be ramped up from 500,000 to 800,000 within a fortnight, according to the Telegraph.

The PM also announced the gap between first and second jabs would be slashed to eight weeks after cases of the new Covid strain more than doubled in the last week.

However, he insisted the Monday’s unlocking of restrictions – including socialising in groups of six indoors – would still take place.

Although the new Indian variant is popping up in local hotspots all over the UK, the PM said Brits just have to “wait and see” how serious the local outbreaks become and whether they result in increased hospitalisations.

As yet all indications show vaccines remain effective against the new variant, meaning that despite an increasing number of covid infections, hospitalisations remain low and deaths incredibly rare.

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