Coronavirus UK news – Lockdown RETURN fears as 50,000 cases recorded today despite July 19 going ahead

THERE are fears Britain could be back in lockdown within a matter of weeks as cases continue to surge around the country.

With millions of Brits desperate for a return to normality, one minister admitted the government is ready to reintroduce tough lockdown rules should covid hospitalisations and deaths begin to creep out of control.

Saying Monday’s so-called ‘Freedom Day’ was the right thing to do, Solicitor General Lucy Frazer admitted that the government was “of course” ready to reimpose lockdown if the Covid third wave becomes “unacceptable”.

Solicitor General Lucy Frazer insisted “now is the time” to ditch the legal restrictions of the past 17 months, saying: “If we don’t do it now, when?”.

But with 63 deaths yesterday – the highest since March – and with a prediction of 2,000 new hospital admissions every single day at the peak of the third wave in late August, experts say a return to lockdown is likely.

Reintroducing such measures would be a humiliation for Boris Johnson, who repeatedly described Freedom Day as “irreversible” – messaging that has been dropped in favour of more cautious language in recent weeks.

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