Coronavirus UK news: Lorry drivers & factory staff among critical workers exempt from isolation as ‘pingdemic’ rages on

SUPERMARKETS say there’s just 48 hours to fix the pingdemic or shoppers will face empty shelves, with stores already running out of staples such as beer and bread.

Huge numbers of staff have had to self-isolate after being pinged by the NHS Covid app, which has hit supplies – while The PM again refused to change the app’s system.

The crisis is hitting supermarkets’ opening hours and starting to cause gaps in fresh meat, salad, bottled drinks and freezer sections.

There was a shortage of fresh fruit and veg, fridge food, water, beer and kitchen roll at a Tesco in Cambridge, while nearby Asda ran short of bread and greens.

Figures released on Wednesday revealed how up to a million people — double the week before — have been forced off work.

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