Coronavirus UK news – New vaccine RESISTANT covid strain may be unleashed if cases spiral to 100,000 a day, experts warn

LETTING Covid cases to surge to 100,000-a-day risks a new vaccine-dodging variant emerging, experts have warned.

Britain could be opening itself up to more dangerous variants by fully opening up and ditching social distancing on July 19, scientists fear.

Sir Paul Nurse, director of the Francis Crick Institute, said: “Letting the virus spread in these circumstances encourages a new variant arising in the UK itself. We could create a variant resistant to the vaccine.

“If all controls are lifted and the virus is allowed to let rip, will that result in more resistant variants arising within the country itself which are more difficult to control?

“It makes no sense not to insist on the wearing of masks. We need sensible, well thought out, good plans.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid also warned of new super-infectious mutations – and said the situation is “uncharted territory”.

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