Coronavirus UK news – Nurse describes ‘unbearable’ hospital conditions as Covid cases rise fuelled by mutant strain

A NURSE has described the “unbearable” conditions in their hospital as Covid-19 cases continue to rise fuelled by the new mutant strain.

The nurse, who works at the Whittington Hospital in north London, described patients being left in corridors.

They said some patients spend up to three hours in ambulances because of a lack of beds and one was left without oxygen when their cylinder ran out.

The health worker said: “I’m worried about patient safety because if these little things are happening now when we’re short and it’s busy, it’s only going to get worse.

“I don’t know what else will happen – it worries me.”

It comes after one ICU worker said patient’s were “fighting for ventilators” as the capital recorded high levels of the new ‘super-strain’ of Covid-19.

The UK has recorded 53,285 new infections and 613 new coronavirus deaths yesterday.

The total number of positive cases registered in the country is 2,542,065 and the death toll is 74,125, according to the latest data.

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