Coronavirus UK news update – Boris urged to totally lift lockdown NOW as vaccines give covid immunity to 54% of Brits

BORIS Johnson has been urged to lift lockdown right away as new data suggested more than half of Brits are now immune to coronavirus.

Thanks to the UK’s superspeed vaccine rollout and high jab uptake, a staggering 54.7% of the population is now believed to have Covid 19 antibodies, according to a major Office for National Statistics testing survey.

The figure is likely to be even higher now because millions more have been vaccinated since the testing took place two weeks ago, and it takes around a fortnight for immunity to kick in.

With such a high percentage at least somewhat immune thanks to the antibodies in their system – and with many of the UK’s most vulnerable people among that number – lockdown rules are now being questioned.

The Prime Minister is now facing nearly daily calls from those in his own party to speed up the lockdown roadmap that will still have us living under some form of coronavirus restriction until June 21 at the very earliest.

The calls come as experts warned that brand new coronavirus vaccines may be needed within a year as new mutations emerge.

The current crop of UK-approved vaccines – AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna – may become less effective as the year goes on as the virus mutates to get around the protection they afford.

The biggest risk is that an uneven vaccine supply will allow the mutations to emerge in poorer countries where very few people are vaccinated and the virus continues to run riot before spreading to the UK.

In a People’s Vaccine Alliance survey of 77 scientists from 28 countries, two-thirds said they believed the world had a year or less before first-generation vaccines were rendered ineffective.

That doesn’t mean the current crop of vaccines will be entirely useless, however, as tweaks to the current AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna vaccines could once again increase the resistance.

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