Coronavirus UK news update – Summer holidays will KILL people and new covid surge in cases is guaranteed, experts say

BRITS’ summer holidays will definitely cause deaths and a new surge of coronavirus in the UK is guaranteed, experts have warned.

Speaking on the first anniversary of the UK’s coronavirus lockdown, Professor Chris Whitty told the Public Health Conference 2021 there would be “bumps and twists on the road” in Britain’s pandemic recovery.

“The path from here on in does look better than the last year,” Whitty said.

“There will definitely be another surge at some point whether it’s before winter or next winter, we don’t know,” added.

Whitty went on to say “Variants are going to cause problems, there will be stockouts of vaccines and no doubt there will be multiple problems at a national level but also at a local level – school outbreaks, prison outbreaks, all those things that people are dealing with on a day-to-day basis.”

Meanwhile speaking on Good Morning Britain this morning Dr Hilary Jones warned that summer holidays abroad will result in “more hospitalisations and more deaths”.

He said: “It’s international travel that is transmitting the virus more quickly than anything else. Aircraft and people being able to move very quickly throughout the world.

“We don’t want to go back to the position we were in a year ago, if we are too lax with the regulations we will have another wave, we will have more people in hospital, we will have more deaths again and people will suffer with their mental health, they will suffer with education.

“That’s why it’s really imperative that people take this seriously still and obey the regulations which are set down by the government but are advised by scientists.”

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