Costa del Sol’s 125ft slide is demolished after users kept injuring themselves flying off the end

A SLIDE on the Costa del Sol that was the longest-ever built in Spain has been demolished after users kept injuring themselves.

The 125ft slide in the popular tourist resort of Estepona was launched to save pedestrians a 10-minute walk, linking one street to another.

Spanish officials closed the largest slide in the country after just 24 hours
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A user revealed the friction burns she was left with

But the £25,000 contraption lasted just 48 hours following its May 10 opening after users kept getting bruises after being catapulted off the end.

The ride, with a gradient of 32 degrees, was slammed as “bizarre”, with people saying they were “thrown everywhere”.

Footage taken at the time showed a woman sliding down at such a high speed that her dress lifts up before she smacks her head.

Describing the incident on social media, she claimed she was “hurt everywhere”, and was covered in friction burns.

Estepona council said more than 1,000 people used the slide during the official opening and there had been no incidents.

They claim only one adverse video had been posted on the social networks and this was an “isolated incident”.


The council said the slide had received all the necessary safety standards and if used properly, did not present any dangers.

Nevertheless, they had decided to order the review so users could be absolutely confident of using the ride in total safety.

“We had placed notices on the side indicating how it should be used in an appropriate manner to avoid risks,” said a spokesman.

“These included NOT lying down but only whilst sitting, with arms folded, and NOT with another person.”

The slide was part of a major project in a green area of more than 20,000 square metres, with trees, public lighting and street furniture.

The original contractor has now taken away the slide but it is not known if it will ever be assembled again elsewhere.

Estepona council is blaming the controversy on opposition councillors, claiming the PSOE party had conducted “a smear campaign”.

Onlookers watch as a woman slides down at high speeds, injuring herself along the way
Dozens rush to the woman’s aid after she’s left injured
The ride is nearly 120ft long and has a gradient of 34 degrees
The slide has succession of blue guttering down stone steps and across waste ground, ending on a bed of sand in a children’s playground

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