Council to replace Father Christmas with Mrs Claus on charity parade in snowflake ‘inclusivity’ plot

A COUNCIL is set to replace Father Christmas with Mrs Claus on a charity parade.

Santa rides on the back of a lorry, giving out sweets to kids.


A town in County Durham is considering swapping Father Christmas for Mrs Claus at their annual charity parade[/caption]

But tonight a vote will be held on allowing a woman to play the role in Newton Aycliffe, Co Durham, in the name of “inclusivity”.

Independent councillor Arun Chandran claimed it was a “loony left” plot by Jeremy Corbyn supporters “trying to flex their muscles” and said: “This has nothing to do with equality.”

He added: “Santa Claus is a male role. Children will be expecting a male Santa.”

The issue was first raised at a sub-committee meeting by a volunteer couple who said the husband would be more at home driving the truck if the woman could be Mrs Claus.


Councillors are against the idea arguing that children will be expecting a male Santa[/caption]

Another man then spoke about the right of women to play Santa.

Bob Fleming, leader of Labour-run Great Aycliffe Town Council, said: “There is no party policy on this. Members will have a free vote.” It is the second row within weeks for the “Santa Tour”, which has been held since the 1960s.

There were fears it would have to be scrapped after a cop said Santa was breaking the law by travelling on the back of a moving vehicle.

But the tradition was saved when Chief Con Mike Barton said no one would be prosecuted as long as lorries stayed at walking pace.


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