World cup : Antoine Griezmann celebrates his goal with a dance Fornite

It is a fact France is world champion with a successful match against Croatia, but during the latter, Antoine Griezmann, one of the attackers of the team, was amused to reproduce a dance of Fortnite, Take the L, after scoring his goal.

Take the L

Take the L is definitely the dance that most enrage the players. In effect, the player forms an ” L ” on his forehead and kicks feet on each side to mock his opponents. It is exactly this dance that Antoine Griezmann has played during his final goal of the world cup against the Croatian team. However, this is not the first time he dance as well after a shot on goal, he had done previously during the match against Argentina, but also in his club Atlético de Madrid.

Moreover, during his interview during the world cup, he had explained to relax with Fortnite, a nice shot of the pub for the game publisher.

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  1. hei, leave it. so what he have a new woman in his life soon after their divorce, it’s his life. plus, it was clear things with him and ellen wasn’t really working out, i’m sure he was desperate for something that makes him happy in a really long time.

    and it’s not like anything in his personal life is affecting his talent in football, and that’s what matters most.

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