Couple aged 22 foster teen just SEVEN years younger than them – and she plays a crucial part in their wedding

A COUPLE aged just 22 bravely decided to foster a fifteen-year-old girl – and spoke of their pride when she agreed be a bridesmaid at their wedding.

Sally-Ann and Ryan Jones decided to foster a child under seven before having kids of their own – but ended up with one seven years younger than they were.

The couple were ‘honoured’ when the girl agreed to be a bridesmaid at their wedding
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The Coventry couple were nervous when they learned how old the girl would be – but insisted they felt “ready” despite their age.

Sally-Ann told Coventry Live: “We felt so honoured that she agreed to play such a key role on our special day after only living with us for just a few months.”

“At first, we were a little nervous about what to expect and how the match would work.

“Would she respect us as carers, would we get the balance between understanding her and parenting right?

“Fortunately, other than a few minor challenges expected with parenting a teenager, the placement was very successful and she fitted really well into our family.

“We found that people would just assume that she was our family member or a friend, which helped when transporting her to social activities with friends and to school, as she preferred to keep her peers from knowing that she was in foster care.”

“She stayed with us until just after her 17 birthday, when she decided she wanted to live independently in an area she had lived in previously.”

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