Couple become overnight Lottery millionaires after last minute decision to pick up mushy peas

A COUPLE became millionaires after making a last minute trip to the shop for some mushy peas.

Sophie Richards, 26, sent her husband William to the supermarket after having a craving for the tinned veggies when he decided to pick up five lucky dip lottery tickets.

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William Richards had just popped to the supermarket for some mushy peas[/caption]

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As soon as the money hit their bank account they decided to pay off their entire mortgage and have taken some well-earned time off[/caption]

But the green mash wasn’t the only bit of green the family got that evening – they also bagged a whopping one million pounds.

Since their unexpected win the couple say that their life has changed dramatically.

As soon as the money hit their bank account they decided to pay off their entire mortgage and have taken some well-earned time off.

William, who runs an online toy business with his wife, told the Mirror: “I remember being at the counter and the man looked at me when I said I was there to pay it off. Then he called his manager over.”


The family have booked a once in a lifetime holiday to Disney World Florida in October and plan on treating the whole family – including Sophie’s 72-year-old nan.

“I absolutely love all the Disney stuff and the princesses,” said Sophie. “With the winnings we could have any hotel we wanted and could book all those extras we would never have considered. That was the second thing we did.”

“It’s nice that we can pay for them. Nan is going to help look after the babies, so we can enjoy ourselves too, and my brother would never have been able to afford the trip.”

Just four weeks after winning the cash, Sophie found out she was pregnant with their fourth child.

Needing extra space, they splashed out on a Range Rover.

They didn’t stop there, they bought a new car for Sophie’s younger brother and her Nan.

Sophie said that partner Will is now a different person thanks to the cash injection.

“I could relax and be there more for Sophie,” said William. “The money helped massively in that respect.”

The children know about the win but don’t really know what it means, Sophie added.

They surely would have noticed that Christmas 2018 was much more extravagant than previous years though, with shopping trips to London and the Bullring in Birmingham.

“So now I buy a ticket when I’m somewhere I’m not supposed to be or hadn’t planned to be.

“People were messaging us after saying they’d just bought a tin of peas because they were feeling lucky but it wasn’t about the peas – it was the impromptu lucky dip tickets while I was there.”

News Group Newspapers Ltd

They are also taking the entire family away to Disney World Florida[/caption]


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