Couple flee their BMW as it bursts into flames — days before recall work to stop it catching fire is due

A COUPLE had to flee their burning BMW just days before it was due for urgent recall work – to stop it catching fire.

Ricky Fox, 34, and wife Jemma, 28, stopped on the A1 when black smoke billowed through the air vents.

East News Press Agency

The BMW 3 Series was due for urgent recall just days before the vehicle ignited on the road[/caption]

East News Press Agency

Ricky and Gemma say they are lucky to be alive and are thankful that their children were not in the car[/caption]

The vehicle had just been booked in for a recall to have wiring between the battery and heater fan replaced over fears it could burst into flames.

Concrete worker Ricky blasted: “The car had been fine. We’d dropped the kids off to school before heading towards Peterborough on the A1.

“I noticed some smoke coming from out of the back of the car. I was doing 70mph on a four-lane stretch of motorway so had to get over to the hard shoulder as quickly as I could.


“All the dials on the dashboard were going up and down. We thought we were going to die.

“It took just eight minutes from the smoke to ending up as a shell of nothing. We were both shaking. It was so close to costing us our lives.

“BMW have just tried to wash their hands of the situation. There have been so many claims they knew about this problem and failed to act.

“Our car was booked in for a recall but the company won’t take any responsibility for what happened.”

But a report into Ricky’s blaze by BMW said none of the dodgy components were involved – and said there was no obvious cause of the fire.

BMW bosses have offered a £1,500 discount on used cars and £2,000 of new cars as a ‘goodwill gesture’.

An inquest last year linked a separate BMW electrical faults to the death of Narayan Gurung, 66, who was killed swerving to avoid another vehicle that stopped suddenly in the road.

Anna Loxton, Assistant Coroner for Surrey condemned BMW as “negligent” and the Government’s driving regulator, the DVSA as “indolent”.

She said they had foreseen the “exact circumstances” of the death ten months before it happened, but failed to warn customers or recall a single one of the 370,000 cars across the UK.

East News Press Agency

The couple pulled over to the hard shoulder the minute smoke began billowing through the air vents[/caption]



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