Covid-19 UK news – Lockdown ‘could CONTINUE beyond March’ despite vaccine rollout and falling coronavirus deaths

BRITAIN’S coronavirus lockdown could extend beyond March despite the successful vaccine rollout and falling deaths.

At a press conference yesterday, top covid medic Chris Whitty declared Britain had “passed the peak” of the second wave with deaths and cases continuing to fall as a result of lockdown and the vaccine rollout.

But both he and Boris Johnson warned that pressure on the NHS would still be “forbiddingly high” in March and that early indications show it would still be too early to consider lifting lockdown.

The guidance has left Chancellor Rishi Sunak questioning whether the government’s scientific advisers are “moving the goalposts” on when it is safe to start lifting lockdown.

Rishi is eager to re-start the economy as soon as it is safe to do so, but is said to be concerned that health experts are shifting their guidance from ensuring the NHS isn’t overwhelmed, to making it free of covid entirely.

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