Covid UK news – Over 60s still ‘SERIOUSLY vulnerable’ until they get 2nd coronavirus vaccine dose, experts warn

RECEIVING just one dose of the coronavirus vaccine leaves over 60s “seriously vulnerable” to catching and dying of covid, experts warn.

Chilling new data from Israel has shown that the efficacy of one dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech may be as low as 33% in people over 60 – far lower than “around 90%” as JCVI announced last month.

While the Israeli research hasn’t been published or peer reviewed, it does raise concerns for the millions of Brits who’ve had a single dose of the Pfizer vaccine who won’t receive the second jab for another 12 weeks.

The UK’s decision to increase the gap between jabs to up to 12 weeks in order to give as many people as possible the first dose was controversial when announced last month and goes against Pfizer’s own guidance.

And following the emergence of the new data, Israeli scientists now believe UK experts hugely overestimated the level of immunity patients receive from one dose of the vaccine, leaving over 60s “seriously vulnerable”.

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