Crazed ex ‘stabs former girlfriend, 29, to death’ after spotting her walking hand-in-hand with new man

A JEALOUS ex stabbed his former girlfriend to death after spotting her out walking hand-in-hand with her new flame, it is alleged.

Tragic Sonia Di Maggio, 29, was allegedly stabbed around 20 times in front of her new boyfriend after the pair were ambushed on their way to a supermarket.


Sonia Di Maggio, 29, was allegedly stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend[/caption]


“Sunny” and “sweet” Sonia Di Maggio, 29, was originally from Rimini but had moved to Salento with her new boyfriend[/caption]

The “sunny” and “sweet” young woman was attacked in the street in the small Italian town of Minervino di Lecce, in the south eastern Salento peninsula, reported local media.

During the gruesome killing, Sonia’s ex-boyfriend “grabbed her by the neck and started stabbing her”, alleged her new partner Francesco Damiano.

“Sonia shielded me, tried to make him realise that I had nothing to do with it, that it was a matter between the two of them,” the 29-year-old carpenter told Corriere del Mezzogiorno.

“I screamed for help, tried to stop him, but I couldn’t do anything.”

I screamed for help, tried to stop him

Francesco DamianoSonia's new boyfriend

The couple – who had known each other for around a year after meeting while online gaming – had recently moved to the small town in the Puglia region, around 350km from Naples.

Sonia’s ex-boyfriend Salvatore Carfora, 39, was arrested by police on suspicion of murder yesterday after the brutal attack at about 7pm on Monday evening.

The suspected murderer, originally from the province of Naples town of Torre Annunziata, was detained in Otranto early on Tuesday after a 12-hour manhunt by state cops and has confessed to the killing.

In the midst of the frenzied attack, Sonia “tried to break free”, her new boyfriend told local media.

“I was looking for help in the meantime and there was no one there, then I started screaming and someone came. But he had already run away and she was on the ground,” said Mr Damiano.

It is alleged that during Sonia’s five-year relationship with her jealous ex, he did not allow her to go to work in case she met someone else.

The coercive control in the relationship also extended to physical violence during the couple’s years together, it is alleged.

After the couple split last year, Rimini-born Sonia had tried to move on with her life and was planning to move into a flat with her new partner.


Women's Aid has this advice for victims and their families:

  • Always keep your phone nearby.
  • Get in touch with charities for help, including the Women’s Aid live chat helpline and services such as SupportLine.
  • If you are in danger, call 999.
  • Familiarise yourself with the Silent Solution, reporting abuse without speaking down the phone, instead dialing “55”.
  • Always keep some money on you, including change for a pay phone or bus fare.
  • If you suspect your partner is about to attack you, try to go to a lower-risk area of the house – for example, where there is a way out and access to a telephone.
  • Avoid the kitchen and garage, where there are likely to be knives or other weapons. Avoid rooms where you might become trapped, such as the bathroom, or where you might be shut into a cupboard or other small space.

If you are a ­victim of domestic abuse, SupportLine is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6pm to 8pm on 01708 765200. The charity’s email support ­service is open weekdays and weekends during the crisis –

Women’s Aid provides a live chat service available. from 10am to noon.

You can also call the freephone 24-hour ­National Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0808 2000 247.


A 39-year-old man has been arrested after the killing of Sonia Di Maggio in the street[/caption]


The tragic young woman was killed as she went supermarket shopping with her new boyfriend[/caption]



Sonia Di Maggio “deserved a better life”, said her new boyfriend Francesco Damiano[/caption]

“Sonia was sunny, very sweet,” revealed her grief-stricken boyfriend.

“A quiet and polite girl, who I always carry in my heart. Since she was with me, she’s been smiling again. Sonia deserved a better life.”

The killing comes after 48-year-old Tiziana Gentile was stabbed to death in her flat in Italy’s nearby Foggia area on January 26.

If you are affected by any of the issues raised in this article, please call the Samaritans for free on 116123.


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