Creepy ‘vampire house’ decorated with coffins, crosses, and a backyard ‘cemetery and crypt’ hits the market for $225k

A CREEPY “vampire house” decorated in coffins, crosses and complete with a backyard “cemetery and crypt” has hit the market for $225,000.

The Baltimore home looks friendly enough on the outside, with grey bricks and stylish black trim, but inside the one bed, one bath home, is gothic galore from top to bottom.

This little house of horrors hit the housing market in Baltimore this week[/caption]

The living room decor features some questionable selections — like a grim reaper and a photo of a guillotine[/caption]

The living room is decorated with coffins, black leather furniture, black carpet and features some questionable artistic choices — like a grim reaper that appears to be crawling out of the wall and a photo of a guillotine.

One artistic choice that appears to be straying from the theme are a handful of black Las Vegas Raiders jerseys hanging up on the wall — although they do match the house’s color scheme: all black everything.

The bedroom is the real hidden gem in this home — complete with a black and beaded chandelier and a church pew with bright red pillows, the only splash of color in the home.

The bright red pillows on the church pew are the only splash of color in the home[/caption]

The bed, surrounded by mirrors in the shape of a coffin, gives the full Dracula experience[/caption]

Up the stairs, which are, naturally, also black and feature spider-webbed rails, there’s a black bed surrounded by mirrors in the shape of a coffin — presumably giving the sleeper the full Dracula experience.

The home has been shared widely online since it was listed less than two days ago — and for a good reason.

Even the backyard sticks to the spooky theme, with its very own fully-stocked bar — all black, of course — a cross-topped crypt (shed) and a cemetery complete with fake graves and a gate.

The backyard features a full bar behind ‘cemetery’ gates[/caption]

The home’s current owner, Billy Nicholson, told the Baltimore Sun that the decision to turn the home from cottage to creepy came to him one day when he was looking at cemetery gates.

He told the outlet that his mother left the property to him in 2014 and the new decor is “basically [his] twisted imagination coming to life.

“I was working in Virginia one day, and I seen the cemetery gates leaning up against the barn of some old mom-and-pop shop,” Nicolson, 54, explained.

“And that’s more or less what gave me the idea — let’s do cemetery gates.”

He went on to buy headstones for his cemetery and even put a hearse in his garage.

Nicolson noted that, “you’re not going to find any place like” his home.

At $225,000 for over 1,500 square feet of gothic paradise — the place is a killer deal.


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