Cristiano Ronaldo’s cars: Juventus’ new superstar may have football’s most expensive fleet of supercars — but there’s no Fiat in sight

WHEN Cristiano Ronaldo’s multi-million pound fleet of supercars are towed into Turin there will be one unimpressed onlooker.

Having packed up his £4.8million mansion in Madrid, Ronaldo and girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez will head for the underground garage.

Cristiano Ronaldo poses outside his Madrid home on his new £2.15million Bugatti Chiron

Among the Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Bugattis, there will be one standout absentee when Ronaldo arrives at Juventus following his £99m move from Real Madrid.

The Portuguese superstar has had everything from Aston Martins to Audis, BMWs to Bentleys, and Mercedes to Maseratis — but there’s no Fiat to be found.

And it’s not for reasons of comfort and style that it’s a surprise Ronaldo is missing the make.

It’s unlikely he’ll be picking up team-mate Paulo Dybala in a bright red Fiat 500L on his way to training in a Peter Kay-style car share.

But given the Italian car makers involvement in Ronaldo’s move to Juventus that may be expected of him.

Ronaldo has a matt-black Lamborghini as well as a white one with scissor doors
Instagram @cristiano
The 33-year-old posts images of his cars to social media, including the Bugatti Chiron
Instagram @cristiano
Ronaldo will arrive to Turin in style with his Rolls Royce among the collection
Instagram @cristiano
Ronaldo arrives at his Madrid home in his white Mustang convertible
Instagram @cristiano

For Fiat’s main investors, the Agnelli family — who also control Juventus — funded the £99m that saw Ronaldo join the Italian champions earlier this month.

And they will hope to see Ronaldo pop into one of the five Fiat stores around Turin to invest his £500,000-a-week wages when he arrives.

That should still leave some disposable income for the 33-year-old to add to his current fleet.

The Portuguese forward has never been shy of showing off his crop of supercars.

During his nine years at Real Madrid, Ronaldo frequently posted images of his toys to social media.

Ronaldo and son Cristiano Jnr. show off the scissor door features of his white Lamborghini
Instagram @cristiano
The Portuguese superstar’s red Ferrari may not be the most appropriate car for his dogs
Instagram @cristiano
Ronaldo’s garage has also includes a giant Range Rover
Instagram @cristiano
Ronaldo has one of the most impressive car collections in football
Instagram @cristiano
He poses on the boot of one of his white Ferraris
Instagram @cristiano
The interior of the 33-year-old’s cars tend to be as nice as the outside
Instagram @cristiano

The latest came in September last year when Ronaldo uploaded an image of his CR7-personalised Bugatti Chiron which cost around £2.15m.

That was his second by the French supercar maker, having already owned a £1.7m Bugatti Veyron.

His new home will need enough room to store the £260,000 matt-black Lamborghini he bought last year, as well as his white Mustang convertible.

A big space will be needed for his giant silver Rolls Royce, while his white Lamborghini has scissor doors that open upwards.

Many of Ronaldo’s selfies are taken from inside his supercars
Instagram @cristiano
It seems his son Cristiano Jnr. has taken a liking to the supercars as well
Instagram @cristiano
Ronaldo’s six years in Manchester saw him take a liking to McLarens
Instagram @cristiano
Ronaldo began to have a collection of supercars during his time at United, including this Bentley convertible

Ronaldo has always been a fan of cars, even since he made the move to Manchester United in 2003.

He joined with an Audi A3 and left with a range of supercar — as well as a Ballon d’Or, world-record transfer and bumper new pay packet at Madrid, of course.

But Ronaldo almost saw his incredible career snatched from him in 2009, just months before leaving Old Trafford.

But his worst moment came in a car in 2009 when he crashed his red Ferrari outside Manchester Airport

On his way back from Manchester Airport he was involved in a collision with a roadside barrier that crushed the front of his red Ferrari but fortunately saw Ronaldo escape unhurt.

Nine years on, he will hope history doesn’t repeat itself as he leaves Madrid.

But should Ronaldo seek the advice of his new employers, they’ll surely guide him through the impressive safety features of the Fiat Panda — which looks best in black and white stripes, of course.



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