Crocodile Dundee star Betty Bobbitt dead at 81 after four days in hospital following ‘major stroke’

CROCODILE Dundee star Betty Bobbitt is dead at 81.

The tragic news comes after she spent four day in the hospital following a “major stroke.”

Betty died following a ‘major stroke’
Channel 10

Betty’s son Christopher Hill confirmed her passing in a Facebook post on Monday.

Christopher wrote to his followers: “Sadly, mum passed away this morning at 10:20am after five nights in hospital.

“She was peaceful and in no pain. Thank you for your support and apologies if I can’t respond to everyone but I will try. I will post more later.”

The late actress was best known for starring in three Crocodile Dundee films alongside Paul Hogan.

Fans will also remember Betty for portraying Judy Bryant in Prisoner: Cell Block H.


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