Crossrail ‘is costing taxpayers £25million a year to pay 479 drivers despite two-year delay’

CROSSRAIL is reportedly costing taxpayers up to £25 million a YEAR as almost 500 train drivers are being paid despite the line’s two year delay.

They are on an annual salary of up to £59,000 each, despite only a fraction of the Crossrail services running and a full launch not expected until 2021, according to the Times.

Hundreds of Crossrail drivers are on £59k each despite a two-year delay
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Of the 479 drivers it is thought that the majority were employed before the decision to push back the opening in December last year was made.

The budget for the line has risen by £2.8billion to £17.6 billion with the main part of the line not yet open to the public.

The biggest infrastructure project in Europe will eventually run for 73 miles across the capital from Berkshire to Essex.

A TfL spokesman told the Times: “Drivers have to be competent and qualified for both the types of train they are driving and their specific routes so it is usually not possible for them to be deployed to other operators and services.”


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