Cruel thugs slice puppy’s mouth open like Batman villain The Joker and break its leg as vile prank in South Korea

A PUPPY is recovering after cruel pranksters sliced the corners of her mouth like Batman villain The Joker.

Six-month-old Golden Retriever called Bobby was found with her mouth tied with rope and wounds on her legs in Seoul, South Korea last Tuesday.

Bobby had her mouth sliced open by the sick pranksters
Viral Press

Rescuers believe that after having her mouth cut, the puppy had also been deliberately burned with a small flame-thrower gun, because there were open wounds on her legs.

She was unable to eat or drink and had been left for dead on filthy wasteland.

Several burns and infected wounds were found on her legs and paws.

Her front leg was broken and her toenails had all been smashed which left her struggling to walk.

Miraculously, Bobby was saved and has undergone an operation and laser surgery on her wounds.

She even shows humans the same love she would have done before – hobbling over to vets and wagging her tail affectionately.

Volunteers from animal welfare group, We Love Dogs, raised money for Bobby’s treatment and are now caring for her.

A spokesman for the shelter said: ”We were eager to treat Bobby. There were many traces of abuse all over her body.
“Even though she was strong enough to heal from the many injuries and illness, she will need a lot of support to be strong again.

”The wound on her mouth was likely caused by a knife but it could also have been a flame thrower. We don’t know why they would do that.”

”We are trying to find the person who did this to her. We have asked anybody with information to contact us anonymously.

”The puppy is very lucky to be alive and we will make sure she is taken care of.”

The six-month-old Golden Retriever also had her leg broken
Viral Press
Bobby underwent surgery for her injuries
Viral Press
She is now being cared for by an animal charity
Viral Press
Thankfully the pooch is on on the mend after her ordeal
Viral Press

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