Dad facing eviction after hordes of teenagers crash 15-year-old son’s party and trash his house

A DAD says he’s facing eviction after hordes of teenagers crashed his 15-year-old son’s party and trashed his house.

The thugs smeared blood on walls, punched holes in the ceiling, ripped out all the light fittings, stained the carpets, and smashed every painting, mirror and photo in his rented home.

A dad says he’s facing eviction after his home was trashed by teenage gate crashers at his son’s party
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Now Bobby, 46, faces a £5,000 repair bill and eviction from his home in Invergowrie, Perthshire, over the mayhem.

It came after his son Ben, 15 — who lives with his mum nearby — sneaked in while his dad was staying overnight in Glasgow to catch a Gerry Cinnamon gig.

Ben invited just eight pals round for a secret party.

But after word spread on social media, dozens of louts turned up — and went on a wrecking spree.

Teenagers caused widespread chaos at Bobby’s home in Perthshire
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The thugs punched holes in the ceiling and ripped out all the light fittings
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Video footage shows the chaotic scenes as rowdy youths, aged between 15 and 18, wreak havoc.

Furious Bobby has now demanded details about who the culprits were. He said: “I am disgusted at the mess and damage and I want those responsible punished.

“Ben told me he tried desperately to stop them wrecking the house but they were out of control.

“They made a total mess. Blood has been smeared on the walls, several holes have been punched in the walls and ceiling and every light fitting has been ripped out.

The entire flat was trashed after Bobby went out to a concert for the night
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Bobby’s 15-year-old son Ben claimed he didn’t know the majority of the guests who stormed and wrecked his dad’s home
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What looked like blood stains ran down the walls in Bobby’s previously clean kitchen
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“This group came deliberately to cause damage. They also destroyed pictures and photographs, while carpets are stained with drink. My TV was smashed and thrown on the floor. I’m devastated.”

The plasterer went on: “I reckon the damage will cost £5,000 to put right. My landlord was round the next day to check the damage.

“And he’s told me he is going to evict me from the house.”

Bobby found out about the carnage when cops phoned him the next morning in Glasgow. They’d been called to the scene on Saturday night by a worried neighbour.

The thugs even punched holes in the ceilings
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The concerned dad says he’s determined to bring the thugs responsible to justice
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But he revealed how he felt sympathy for his lad — who got in by snaffling one of his keys and is now grounded for a month.

He said: “When the police called me, at first I thought it was a wind-up. Then they sent me the videos posted online. I couldn’t believe what I was watching.

“When I saw Ben, he burst into tears and said he was sorry.

“He explained older kids gatecrashed the party and he asked an adult to come round and get them all out about 11pm.”

Billy’s daughter Libby, 21, posted pics of the damage on Facebook with an appeal for information.

She wrote: “Can’t believe the state of my dad’s house. Videos all over social media of it happening.

“Anyone got any names give me a message — had a few already.”
A police spokesman said: “Officers attended in response to reports of a disturbance. A number of youngsters left on their arrival. No complaints were made.”

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