Dad who ‘works three jobs’ surprises daughter with formal dress in viral video

Feel like crying at the moment? Good, as a result of this viral video of a dad stunning his daughter with a proper gown will throw the floodgates open.

Shared on Reddit and Twitter, the footage exhibits a teenage woman throwing her arms round her father after he unzips a garment bag to disclose a white floral gown.

The woman will be heard crying throughout their embrace, whereas her father smiles joyfully.

“It’s the dress,” she says via tears.

There is proscribed info obtainable in regards to the video – which has been retweeted nearly 40,000 on Twitter – and the daddy and daughter depicted.

However, in response to varied social media accounts which have shared the video, there’s an especially candy rationalization for the woman’s emotional response to the gown.

It’s mentioned the daddy works three jobs, and had initially informed his daughter he could not afford to purchase the gown she needed for her eighth grade college dance.

MMA star Will Brooks, who posted the clip on Instagram final week, defined: “She was unhappy and upset as a result of she thought he was shopping for her a unique gown than the one she needed.

“He stunned her along with her dream gown for her college dance. Even although they could not afford it, the daddy made it occur for his child woman.”

Regardless of the story behind it, the video is inspiring a reasonably common response from viewers: tears. So many tears.

“Way to go Dad! I’m sitting here with tears rolling down my cheeks! As a single parent who has worked 50-60 hrs a week for more than 20 years, I GET IT!” one Twitter person wrote.

We’re not crying, you’re. (Youtube)

Others had been touched by the teenager’s clear appreciation of her father’s gesture.

“The cutest thing is that she went straight to hug her dad after realising it was a dress for her, and every time she went to hold the dress or touch it she would just revert to hugging her dad,” one Redditor wrote.

“She really does seem to be happiest that her dad did it for her than over the object itself.”

“Instead of looking at the dress, she can’t stop hugging her Dad and crying because she knows how hard he had to work for it and what that means. This is more than a kid getting what they want,” one other individual mused on Twitter.

“It’s a little girl realising how loved she is.”

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