Dafne Keen: It is not for nothing that I have been insisted to bring you a new gallery of this beautiful British-Spanish actress.

The truth is that her development has surprised everyone.

About two years ago I brought her to the site and I lost track of her, but with the insistence of the friends of the blog that I bring her back I looked for her and now I understand why they wanted her back in another gallery, yes her evolution has surprised everyone, she has become a spectacular beauty, here she is in her new gallery.











































































































































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  1. She’s been reduced to the same level as that ex-butler of Princess Diana’s. All connections and no colateral. The lights go out eventually and the dream with it.
    Talk of ‘staff’ in the plural tell us she’s not yet learnt how to cut her costs yet. She should take a leaf out of the new government’s book and start answering the phone herself.
    The world is full of ex-aristocrats having to scrape a living.

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