Dairy Queen Blizzards Are Buy-One-Get-One-For-$1 Until The End Of The Week

Krispy Kreme

Ah, St. Patrick’s Day – the only time of year when it’s safe to eat green food that isn’t normally green.In the spirit of the season, Krispy Kreme is bringing back their green O’riginal Glazed donuts. (See what they did there?)Krispy KremeIf the luck of the Irish is on your side, you can also win free donuts for a year by visiting the donut chain on Patty’s Day

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Meadows Restaurant – Facebook

A funeral is supposed to represent the person it honors, which is why loved ones go the extra mile to honor the wishes and requests of the dearly departed.But people rarely get the kind of send off Mark Shuman’s family gave him this month.The 48-year-old who died of brain cancer last month was the owner of a trucking company, so his family arranged to give him “one last ride” on a tricked

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If it feels like your city was just hit with an explosion of bad weather, you’re not wrong.The National Weather Service reports that the cold front traveling across the Midwest can officially be called a “bomb cyclone.”These storms occur when barometric pressure drops sharply within 24 hours, dramatically increasing a storm’s power in a process called bombogenesis. #GOESWest is keeping a close watch over the major storm system that’s

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Patraic Walsh-Kavanaugh – Facebook / Aoife-Lourdes Valentino

A couple from the U.K. hope to return from their Singapore with a very precious souvenir.But, for now, a hefty medical bill has stranded them in the tiny Asian country.Chloe Wilkinson, 30, and Patraic Walsh-Kavanaugh, 27, were on a stopover on the island while traveling home from Australia. Wilkinson suddenly went into labor 24 weeks into her pregnancy and was rushed to a local hospitalThe couple were flying home to the U.

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Kerry Costello / Ami Parbs

In an age where everyone is quick to point out cases of animal cruelty, it’s a wonder that a recent incident caught on camera in Texas happened in the first place.Drivers on a highway outside the town of Corrigan were stunned to see a pickup truck cruising at 70 miles per hour with a live horse in the vehicle’s bed.The animal had its saddle on and was only secured to the

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In the self-care era, plenty of people have their chosen indulgences and ways of treating themselves. Enjoying a nice treat every now and then is great, but is it possible that your favorite way of spoiling yourself is actually hurting the environment? Here are a couple of common purchases people make, and the hidden impact they have (or don’t have) on the environment.Satisfying SweetsWho doesn’t love chocolate? Chocolate desserts of all kinds are a

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