Dana Hastier, the director of France 3, left his job in

After more than a decade within France Télévisions, director of France 3 Dana Hastier will leave the group at the end of September, wanting to give a new orientation to his career.

The group announced in a press release issued Friday, the departure of the president of France 3, indicating that its functions are to be ensured by the directorate general of the antennas, and programs.

“After 11 years at France Télévisions at the head of documentaries for France 2 and France 3, and then to the executive board of France 3, Dana Hastier wished to give a new orientation to his professional life. In agreement with Delphine Ernotte Cunci, Dana Hastier step down from his functions at the end of September,” said the public group.

Dana Hastier had been appointed to the head of the chain in 2014 by Rémy Pflimlin, at the time president of France Télévisions, and confirmed in its functions by Delphine Ernotte, who took the head of the group public in 2015.

Contacted by AFP, the patron saint of France 3 has explained his decision to leave the group for a need for change, after 33 years in broadcasting, during which she has worked in the CNC and the CSA, was a producer in a subsidiary of Canal+ and the Ina, prior to joining France Télévisions.

“I feel the need to consider a few weeks to a new segment of my professional life, it is a decision purely for personal use. I like me a challenge,” said Dana Hastier.

France 3 to new third French channel

Balance sheet side, the chain regained under the aegis the rank of 3rd chain in the country in terms of hearings, partly due to successful police series popular as “Captain Marleau”, which broke records last season.

During the season 2017-2018, the chain has obtained an audience share of 9.5%, as against 8.9% during the previous season, going back to before M6, which has on the contrary declined at the same time, from 9.8% to 9.2%.

“I am very happy to have redone from France 3 the third French channel, with alternating success in popular genres, in fiction and games, and documentaries and cultural programs,” she claims, recalling also having completed the reorganization of France 3 and its regional network.

This departure is announced in full reorganization of the directorates of France Télévisions. The new right arm of Delphine Ernotte, Takis Candilis, who was appointed in the beginning of the year director-general delegate to the antenna and to the programs, has been recruited to put in place a new organization in which the leaders of the chains will be replaced by a cross-cutting thematic.

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