Who plays Jack Webster on Coronation Street, did he lose his leg to sepsis and will he get a blade prosthetic?

JACK Webster is the son of Kevin and the late Molly Dobbs.

Here’s everything you need to know about the character who is at the centre of a harrowing sepsis storyline…

Jack Webster is rushed to hospital after contracting sepsis
Jack Webster is rushed to hospital after contracting sepsis

Who is Jack Webster in Coronation Street?

Jack Webster is the son of Kevin Webster and the late Molly Dobbs in Coronation Street.

The seven-year-old is also the half brother of Kevin’s daughters Sophie and Rosie Webster and the godson of Kevin’s ex-wife Sally.

In 2015 he was abducted by Jenny Bradley when she returned to Coronation Street and started dating Kevin Webster.

Traumatised by the death of her own son who drowned when he was four, Jenny took Jack to Hull and contemplated jumping off a balcony with him before eventually returning him to Kevin.

Jenny Connor (née Bradley) tried to abduct Jack when she first came back to Weatherfield
Jenny Connor (née Bradley) tried to abduct Jack when she first came back to Weatherfield

What happened with Jack Webster and Pat Phelan?

Jack found himself in unexpected danger when he discovered Pat Phelan tied up in the garage.

Pat was kidnapped by Gary Windass who went full on vigilante and brought him back to Weatherfield after tracking him down in Wales.

The serial killer tried to trick Jack into setting him free by telling him that he was playing a game of hide and seek but Jack  wasn’t so easily fooled.

He replied “I know who you are Pat and I don’t think it’s a game.”

Jack didn’t set Pat free but he managed to escape and go to the bistro where he shot Michelle on her wedding day and eventually was stabbed by Ana Windass.

Jack Webster squared up to serial killer Pat Phean in Coronation Street
Jack Webster squares up to serial killer Pat Phelan in Coronation Street

How did Jack Webster get sepsis on Coronation Street?

Jack Webster contracted sepsis after grazing his knee while playing football with his half-sister Sophie.

He had been left with Sophie for the day and later felt unwell but she insisted that he should go to school.

Jack was then sent home from school and Seb and Faye found him slumped on the stairs.

Luckily Ali spotted them and urged them to get him help as quickly as possible.

Jack lost his leg to the deadly illness but managed to survive with the help of some excellent NHS hospital care.

He is currently looking at getting a blade prosthetic for his leg.

Who is Jack Webster’s mum Molly Dobbs?

Jack Webster’s mum is Molly Dobbs.

He was born following her affair with Kevin Webster.

At the time Kevin was married to Sally Webster and Molly was married to Tyrone Dobbs.

Molly named Jack after Jack Duckworth who was like a father to Tyrone.

But in 2010 Molly died when a tram derailed and crashed into the corner shop.

At her funeral it was revealed that Kevin was Jack’s real father.






Who is actor Kyran Bowes?

Jack Webster is played by Kyran Bowes, 7, from Blackpool.

He has played the character since 2016 when he took over the role from twins Maddox and Jaxon Beswick.

The young actor attended the Barbara Jackson Theatre Arts Centre.

This is where Lucy Fallon (Bethany Platt) also studied drama.

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