Danny DeVito booed at the National Television Awards after gaffe packed appearance

DANNY DeVito was booed at the National Television Awards tonight in a gaffe-packed appearance.

The Hollywood actor – who presented the award for best drama performance to Bodyguard star Richard Madden – hit out at the “not nice” audience for booking him when he began to talk about football while on stage.

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DeVito was booed for his football comments[/caption]

Before making the award, DeVito told the audience said: “This is a big week for me this week. It’s really nice for me to be here.

“I’ve got tryouts. I’m going to get Petr Cech’s job. Go Arsenal.”

He added to the audience “you’re not nice” as they booed his seeming support for Arsenal.

The actor then read out the nominations at the wrong time after insisting he wasn’t told he needed to read the nominees out.

Madden collected his award for Bodyguard
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Madden collected his award for Bodyguard at tonight’s NTAs[/caption]

The cringe worthy appearance continued when he announced the winner for Best Drama Performance, and praised Madden as he went to collect his award stopping him from collecting it to tell him what he thought of the show.

The star of LA Confidential, Twins and Taxi was presenting the award for Best Drama Performance, which he handed to Bodyguard star Richard Madden, saying: “I really dig your show.”

Viewers were divided over the scenes with one writing: “Everyone that booed Danny DeVito at the NTAs should be lined up and shot. He is a five star man.”

A second said: “Imaging being a legend like Danny Devito and being booed by z list British soap and reality nobodies.”

A third added: “Danny DeVito getting booed at the #NTAs is hilar – as is the fact that no-one seems to know what to do about reading out the names.”

Another commented: “Loved Danny Devito’s Petr Cech joke. The NTA Awards crowd obviously didn’t get it.”

Others were veyr upset by the scenes, with one tweeting: “u can tell i’m on my period bc i’ve just seen a video of a crowd booing danny devito and it’s proper made me cry i’m so upset leave him alone u monsters.”

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