In the skin of the VIP guests : suites hotels the most expensive in the world

LUXURY – From Geneva to Cannes, via Paris or New York, check out the hotel rooms, the most unaffordable on the planet.

Some (very) large portfolio spend more on a night in a palace that our annual salary. But these lavish suites are worth at least the shot ? What do they look like ? Response images with the classification that has been establishes by Elite Traveler. Since 2015, the travel magazine luxury makes a list of the best 100 suiteshotels in the world, according to different categories (design, location, history, view, beach, outside, well-being, family).

Among them, the most expensive is the currency in Geneva, usd 80,000 (€69,000) a night. The menu of this selection to the exorbitant prices, the breathtaking views : on the Mont-Blanc in Geneva, on Central Park or the skyline of New York city, on the Mediterranean to Cannes and Monaco, or even on a lagoon of turquoise blue in the Fiji islands. What motivate us to play the lottery !


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