In the Jura, a mother suspected of stabbing his daughter 11-year-

A child of 11 years was discovered Monday morning killed several blows of a knife in the family home at the Dampierre (Jura), her mother, suspected of the murder, is hospitalized after being mutilated, a-t-on learned from the public prosecutor. “At 7: 30 am, the eldest daughter of the family, aged 20 years, according to his statements, has heard a cry very violent, and, rising, fell nose to nose with his mother armed with a knife”, told AFP the prosecutor of the Republic in Lons-le-Saunier, Jean-Luc Lennon.

The young woman, also wounded by his mother, had called the emergency services, which were discovered in a room on the first floor, the 11-year old child died of multiple stab wounds. “Four wounds to the throat, two wounds to the neck, a wound to the level of the heart and a wound to the hand,” detailed the prosecutor.

Hypothesis “psychological fragility”

The mother, born in 1972, was found on the ground floor, losing a lot of blood from the severed veins. She was taken to the hospital, Besançon, france, and “his days are not in danger a priori,” said Jean-Luc Lennon.

The forties, “that would be a nurse,” has not yet been able to be heard. “The hypothesis is a psychological fragility of the mother who remains to be confirmed by the investigation”, said the prosecutor.

The parents, divorced, were separated, and the father lives in Besançon, france, with a third child, a boy whose age was not stated.

The eldest daughter was hospitalized, but “his prognosis is not engaged,” according to Jean-Luc Lennon. The floor of Lons-le-Saunier should divest itself of the investigation, entrusted to the brigade of research of Dole, for the benefit of the prosecutor of Besançon, competent in criminal matters.

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