Daunte Wright – Reverend Al Sharpton joins grieving family and friends at wake for 20-year-old shot dead by cop

ELEVEN days after Duane Wright was fatally shot by a Minnesota cop, his body lied in a casket inside Shiloh Temple International Ministries as a familiar clergyman spoke to the gathered crowd filling the rows of seats.

“People celebrated all over the country,” Rev. Al Sharpton said during a sermon delivered at Wright’s wake on Wednesday, which also drew perennial civil rights activist, Rev. Jesse Jackson, to pay his respects.

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Rev. Al Sharpton delivers a sermon over the open casket of Daunte Wright during a public memorial[/caption]

The joy he said he and others across the country experienced after the guilty verdict came down for murder and manslaughter in the trial of Derek Chauvin for ending George Floyd’s life was all too tenuous.

“As I was crying, the thing that bothered me was right down the road was Daunte Wright,” Sharpton said, according to The Minneapolis Star-Tribune. “Don’t tell us what you did for George Floyd and ignore what happened to Daunte Wright … We gonna get Wright right in Minnesota.”

Wright, 20, of north Minneapolis succumbed to gunshot wounds following a traffic confrontation with now the ex-Brooklyn Center police officer, Kimberly Potter, who could be heard screaming “holy s*** I shot him” after pulling the trigger of her service weapon back on April 11.

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Loved ones embrace at Daunte Wright’s memorial service held in Minneapolis’s Shiloh Temple International Ministries[/caption]


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Rev. Jesse Jackson is escorted by armed civilians as he walks to memorialize Daunte Wright on Wednesday[/caption]


Self portrait of Daunte Wright.[/caption]


The ex-cop is facing manslaughter charge for firing her service weapon which she allegedly confused with her Taser[/caption]

Already, the cop who is facing second-degree manslaughter charges for killing Wright, has become the target for a barrage of threats.

The reverend’s words of hope on Wednesday shined a glowing light on Wright’s grieving family.

Sharpton spoke about Wright’s kin as exuding “harmony and love” and believes the 26-year veteran ex-police officer, Potter, ended his life too soon.

The firebrand preacher spoke to Potter directly, thundering, “for you to rob them of their child … They didn’t raise their children to hate … You brought hate into their families and we will run it out and get them justice.”



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