Dave Chappelle Paid His Respects to John McCain, and His Dance Moves

Dave Chappelle I Paid My Respects to John McCain … And His Dance Moves


Dave Chappelle says John McCain is a symbol of national unity when our country needs it most, so he paid the late Senator his respects … and gives props to his robot dance.

We got the famed comedian on Capitol Hill Friday after he visited McCain’s casket at the U.S. Capitol. Chappelle tells us he was inspired to do so after he saw a video Jamie Foxx shared on his IG this week dancing with the Navy veteran onstage at an Apollo Theater charity event.

Foxx captioned the vid, “This is another reason why senator John McCain is so loved… he made u feel like politics and being a cool human being lived separately… he shined on em that night … and that robot move was mean! R.I.P. you are a HERO!”

Seems like Chappelle totally agrees.

Dave tells us he wished he could have made it to Aretha Franklin’s funeral in Detroit too … but couldn’t make both happen in the same day.


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