Dead Cells & # 39; Twitch integration is great

The new Metroidvania style Roguelike action platform Dead Cells from the developer Motion Twin, which is today on PC and consoles, comes with Twitch integration in its Steam version. In this “streaming mode”, your Twitch chat gets the power to affect the game world and it creates a fun dynamic that creates an entertaining Dead Cells broadcast.

I tried the Twitch integration during a new live stream, and it was fun working with and on my chat. Dead Cell’s streaming mode allows chat to enter a chance to become one of the player’s partner. Motion Twin calls this role “Captain Chicken,” and it decides when to heal the player. It can also send messages to the game for the player to see (so make sure you have your word filter on Twitch done effectively).

Anyone else in the chat may, however, vote for different dangers or benefits to the player. Between steps, your viewers can decide if you have to meet extra enemies at the next level or if your Captain Chicken can help you with attacks. Chat can also help you open special coffins by spamming some words like “bam” or “pif.”

Chat may also vote on upgrading your character. When you find an upgrade codex, your viewers will choose whether it goes against Brutality, Tactics or Survival, which are the three object classes. This allows you to download the codex and immediately return to the game. This moves the action, but it also gives you the chance to talk with your viewers about how to build your character. I really appreciated how the game gave my chat something to do, but giving us something to discuss that they have an effort in is even better.

Dead Cells is one of the games that people will pour dozens of hours into, and streaming mode should give these players a new way to play it even after they’ve paid the core experience.

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