Deco table with herbs and flowers from the garden

Charm your guests with a pretty deco green full of freshness. Mark-up, crown, country, add a touch of nature to your breakfast family.

At left, mark the spot with the flowers in the garden
In order for everyone to be found there, gather all the guests in the same table by suspending their mark-up to a hemp rope. For each, take an american label in kraft (Raja), see the on white paper and cut out 0.5 cm all around. Print the name of the guest using the mini-tampons letters (Ant Creative). Prepare a bouquet of herbs with a rose. Assemble the two labels with a clip-double clip-on copper (Perles & Co) and suspend it by inserting the bouquet.

On the right, a crown of ferns and paper
Take a crown in the wicker diameter 30 cm (Cultura) and cover with leaves of ivy, fern, and rosemary, fixed with twine to green. Have all the leaves down. See six times the template of the dove on white card stock, cut them out and hang them from the wreath with the raffia. Hang the wreath by the three sons of iron, copper, spread all around.

Series of lanterns with sprigs of rosemary
This very simple realization is perfect for large tables arranged in the center of the table on a log or declined in a luminous way. Perfect in the open air when there is wind. Wash with soap and water and pots of yoghurt in a glass, rinse and dry and then top with candles. Wrap a string of hemp around your neck and insert sprigs of rosemary freshly cut. Vary the heights with jars of jam, jars etc

Creation : TIMEINC UK.CONTENT.COM. Drafting E. Renaudat.

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