Check out the strange nicknames of queen Elizabeth II

In the royal family, everyone has his little nickname. For the entire world, prince Harry, for example, is the Duke of Sussex. But for his wife and especially the relatives of his wife, he is… “Hazza.” It is the journalist and friend of Meghan Markle, Bryony Gordon, who has already met with Harry, who had sold the drill bit in the issue british Loose Women, as reported in the british version of Marie Claire. After it, prince Harry would not be a fan of this nickname, but would take the thing rather well – we expect no less from a Duke – and “has to do with.” According to Gala, the nickname would be a reference to Paul Gascoigne, “Gazza”, ex-English footballer whimsical and… raging alcoholic. It is understood that prince Harry is a little offended by this joke unflattering.

Side Meghan Markle, if the ex-actress of Suits is now part of the same family as queen Elizabeth II, she refused to accept that his close friends call him by his official title. Her close friends call her “Meg”, but this is not its only nickname. According to the magazine Hello, the young woman would also call M&M, MM or even a Flower by her mother (“Flower”, in English) and Bean by his father (“Bean”). Remember also, that “Meghan” is only his middle name – a stage name, so – and that the new wife of prince Harry was born Rachel Meghan Markle. It should also be noted : in the series, Suits, Meghan Markle plays the role of a young woman named… Rachel.

And for the queen, then ? Elizabeth II would have different nicknames depending on each member of the family. According to the Daily Mirror, his eldest son is called simply “Mama.” Prince George and princess Charlotte call their grandmother “Gan-Gan”, a nickname found by the eldest of Kate and William, who couldn’t pronounce the word “Granny” (“grandma”). When William was a child, he was called, according to the Daily Mirror, “Gary.” And the columnist Richard Kay to tell an anecdote in connection with this nickname : when he was a boy, William would have yelled a “Gary !” after falling to Buckingham Palace. When the queen was helping her to get up, he would have wondered who was this famous Gary. “I’m Gary. He has not yet learned to say “granny”, would she then replied, amused. Finally, the prince Philip, the husband of the queen, called her dear and tender one of two ways : “Lilibet”, a diminutive form of Elizabeth, and “Sausage”, which translates as… sausage. There is no need to say, next to nickname, the queen is spoiled.

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