Deep Water viewers left baffled by ‘confusing’ Anna Friel drama as star romps in the bathroom for sexed-up affair

DEEP Water viewers are left “confused” by the ITV drama as Anna Friel’s character romps in the bathroom in the first steamy episode.

The programme has left fans baffled by the plot line as the first episode saw Anna’s character Lisa Kallis enjoy a romp with Kate Riverty’s (Rosalind Eleazar) brother-in-law Adam (Steve Toussaint) while at a dinner party with their partner’s downstairs.

Anna Friel’s character Lisa enjoys steamy romp in the bathroom in the first episode of Deep Water

In tonight’s episode Adam and Lisa flirt up a storm at the meal, but things swiftly escalate between the pair when the dog sitter goes snooping upstairs.

Adam said: “Kate is a puritan, she doesn’t get that men have needs”, before Lisa replied: “And women don’t?”

He went on to complement her, he said: “You are a breathe of fresh air.”

While Lisa poked around upstairs Adam surprised her and walked into the bathroom, before he seduced the guest.

Adam flirts up a storm with Lisa at the dinner party attended by his partner and her husband
Lisa and Adam get steamy in the bathroom – but forget to shut the door
During their steamy sex session Lisa sees someone walk past the door

But as Lisa was propped over the bathroom sink she noticed the door was ajar and someone walked past catching the pair in the act.

After her fling Lisa left in a hurry leaving her knickers behind.

But it wasn’t until the morning after she realised she had left her underwear behind.

Fearing she would be caught out Lisa rushed back to Kate’s house to try and retrieve them, only to find Kate had already found them but believed they were her daughters.

Lisa goes snooping around Kate’s home before being followed up by the plastic surgeon while her husband is downstairs
Anna returns to Kate’s house in a bid to find her underwear
Lisa rummages through Kate’s dirty laundry to find her knickers so not to give away the affair

Speaking to Lisa, Kate said: “I’m worried. She’s always on her phone, and then I came across a really cheap thong.”

But Lisa was quick to shut down any discussion about her underwear she told Kate not to quiz her daughter about them and insisted the teenager was “experimenting”.

Fans are taken aback by the plot twist, with one tweeting: “Didn’t even lock the door?! STUPID.”

Another viewer shared: “Are they all going to have secret affairs?”, with a third adding: “Are Anna Friel’s missing grundies going to be crucial to this?”

A separate viewer wrote: “Whose husband was it that she shagged? But confused”, a fifth commented: “Wait is Adam married to one of those two other women that stormed out, I’m confused.”

While another shared: “So confused! Everyone is sex mad and I don’t know who anyone is! Going to stick with it as Anna Friel is normally terrific but this is going to take some time.”

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