Delaying second dose of the Coronavirus vaccine saves lives, says data set to be published

Data collected on the first rollout of the Covid vaccine justifies the Government’s decision to delay the second dose, according to an expert.

Professor Anthony Harnden, of the joint committee on vaccination and immunisation, says those already given the jab are experiencing high levels of protection from their first dose.

And the data, set to be published next week by Public Health England, shows infection rates in those over the age of 80 have fallen in the past month.

It comes as the number of people given the jab rises above 11million.

Professor Harnden said in the Sunday Times: ‘The Covid-19 vaccine rollout in the UK is nothing short of a triumph.

‘The Government’s strategy to extend the interval between the two doses means we have been able to protect more people and undoubtedly save more lives.’

Professor Anthony Harnden described the UK's rollout as 'nothing short of a triumph'

Professor Anthony Harnden described the UK's rollout as 'nothing short of a triumph'

Professor Anthony Harnden described the UK’s rollout as ‘nothing short of a triumph’

Last week Boris Johnson praised the NHS for its ‘colossal’ effort to vaccinate 10million Brits against Covid.

Saluting the achievement in a Downing Street press conference, the Prime Minister thanked everyone involved in the roll-out, from scientists to delivery drivers to pharmacists.

He said: ‘And it is thanks to their effort — the most colossal in the history of our National Health Service — that we have today passed the milestone.’

With the country jabbing an average 400,000 people every day, the UK is on track to hitting its goal of giving the first vaccine dose to the 14million most vulnerable Brits by February 15.

And with cases and deaths easing and the rollout of jabs surging ahead of schedule, Boris Johnson is said to have ordered a ramping up of preparations for children to get back in classrooms from March 8.


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