Demi Lovato, forced to cancel his tour to go to cure

Health before everything. Tour to the four corners of the planet since the beginning of the year 2018 for its last album, “Tell Me You Love Me”, Demi Lovato has taken the decision to cancel his last concert in South America for medical reasons. Tuesday, July 24, two days after her show in California to Paso Robles, she had been found unconscious at his home following a drug overdose. Hospitalized in emergency for several days, she has agreed to follow the advice of his relatives and to go to rehab after leaving the hospital. A wise decision, which obliges, therefore, to cancel its last eight concerts. The star had to occur from 20 September to 27 November in Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

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“We hope to see it soon in South America”

It is through a press release published on TMZ the singer has announced the new. “Demi Lovato has cancelled her tour “Tell Me You Love Me” in South America to focus on her recovery,” says Live Nation. “We wish the best to Demi Lovato and hope in the future to see it soon in South America.” For the moment, the singer of 25 years has not relayed the news on social networks. Almost ten days after her overdose, she had released a long message to his fans, promising them that she would fight to get out. “I now need time to heal and concentrate on my sobriety”, she wrote after thanking his family and God for having kept alive.

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