Demi Lovato finally woken up after his overdose, his first words revealed

While Demi Lovato was recently the victim of a drug overdose, she is finally waking up and his first words were revealed to you !

This is a very sad new ! Well, yes, the meltynautes, difficult to recover from the terrible overdose of which has been victim to the former star of Disney. Always strong and courageous, the young woman had recently revealed in a new title named Sober that she had again succumbed to his addictions. A call for help which did not, unfortunately, not saved from all his demons. While the relatives of the Demi Lovato gave finally its new, the young woman is now conscious and we’re not going to lie to you, it is a real relief for everyone. As the site E! News has unveiled the first words she has uttered since she woke up :

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“Demi Lovato said that she was very grateful to be alive and it should return to a rehabilitation centre as soon as it is out of the hospital. Last Monday, she drank of shots with his friends. She didn’t seem drunk but she drank so much alcohol in any case. The people around her encouraged her to finish her glasses. They were celebrating the anniversary of its choreographer that night and are not parties when the bar has closed its doors. They then continued the evening at her home. It is a signal of alarm for her, she does not want to die.” We wish her a lot of courage. In the meantime, Charlie Puth has dedicated a song to Demi Lovato.

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