Demi Lovato hospitalized after an overdose, she would have relapsed because of friends ill-intentioned

Demi Lovato she plunged back into the drug because of its unpleasant dating ? This is what that seem to say several sources close to the singer.

This is the sad news of the last few days. The victim of a drug overdose, Demi Lovato was quickly admitted to hospital after being found unconscious in her home. A relapse which did not fail to worry the fans of the singer, but also stars such asAriana Grande, Lili Reinhart, Joe Jonas or Kim Kardashian who have been many to support Demi Lovato on social networks. Now awake, the interpreter of “Tell Me You Love Me” sits, surrounded by his loved ones. Also, as soon as they leave the clinic, the young woman is expected to make his entrance in to rehab if we are to believe the latest information relayed by the american press. But while Demi Lovato now receives the care necessary to get back in shape, more is known about the reasons for her relapse.

To believe the magazine People, Demi Lovato would have plunged back into the drug because of its bad associates. According to a source, the young woman was surrounded by people ill-intentioned “that were not really his friends and who did not have his best interests at heart.” The informant continues : “His relatives feared that Half to do a drug overdose. She was no longer sober for a long time and it was even more the envy. She hung with the wrong people and always found a way to obtain the drug even if his relatives were trying to keep an eye on it. His so-called friends have been drinking all night and they had the Narcan [an anti-opioid, editor’s note] in their possession – they were prepared for the worst.” Some of the revelations are startling. Fortunately, Demi Lovato can count on the support of her ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama.

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