Demi Lovato hospitalized, she would have overdosed

Demi Lovato was reportedly rushed to the hospital after an overdose.

This is a very sad news which has just fallen. While Johnny Depp lives a real descent to hell, Demi Lovato was allegedly hospitalized after a drug overdose. According to TMZ, the singer of 25 years would have been transported to a hospital in Los Angeles after being found in her home unconscious. As you know, it’s been several years that it is fighting against his addictions. The american has never been ashamed to talk about it, and it has even become a spokesperson important for all people suffering from the same problems.

If this had been six years since Half was sober, the singer revealed last month that she had relapsed. It is coming out his new song Sober, that the artist had confided : “Mom, I’m sorry, I’m not sober. Please Dad, please forgive me for the drink that I spilled on the ground. For those of you that I have never left, we’ve already been through this before and I’m so sorry. I am no longer sober.” she sings in this song. The singer also apologised to her fans explaining that she was only a human being. In any case, Demi Lovato is not the only star to seek help against his depression and his problems.

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