Demi Lovato a victim of a drug overdose, she is doing better but his relatives continue to worry about it

While Demi Lovato is finally awake since his tragic accident, she is doing better but his friends continue to worry about it !

A huge relief ! Well, yes, the meltynautes, a few days after the terrible overdose that Demi Lovato was the victim, we are all reassured to know that she is aware and as stable as possible in view of the situation. However, if the young woman could enter into a detox center just after his release from the hospital, the relatives of the singer continues to worry a lot for it as the unveils the magazine People : “It is going well but it is always monitored. She could even leave the hospital if she wanted to but a drug overdose is something very serious and its organs could let go if she is not careful. It is important to be certain that his body is healing. This is the best possible situation, sometimes, because many addicts are convinced that they will never overdose.”

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The source goes on to confident : “It is easy to continue to take the drugs when you are able to tell you that you have everything under control. When you have one, you can no longer ignore it and this can be a trigger that pushes you to understand that you really need help. But addicts become very good at hiding that they are taking the drug. Demi is very smart. When she went to work, she managed to pretend and it has always been thus. It has perhaps not reached its point of no-return. Half must want to be helped. Nobody can force it because it won’t work otherwise.” We wish him full of courage. In the meantime, all the stars have lent their support to Demi Lovato after her overdose.

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  1. Get over yourselves. If you were in the same position (which I doubt you ever will be) you would do the same. This is just the world of business and it happens everywhere – they are not unique! Sure, it’s a shame for the creditors (the ones that they owe money to) but I’m sure the company’s balance sheet will show debtors as well (people who OWE THEM money too). There are far worse thieves in the world ( politicians etc) so keep it in perspective and stop believing everything you read in the papers! Life’s tough, face it. As they say, a fool and his money….

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