Demi Lovato a victim of a drug overdose, her loved ones give her the news!!

Last night, Demi Lovato was rushed to the hospital after what looked like a drug overdose. How does it go ? Someone close to the star has given its new !

Yesterday evening, we learned a sad news. In fact, you revealed that Demi Lovato had been admitted to the emergency. The singer would have made a heroin overdose. If this remains to be ascertained, the Lovatics were extremely worried about the state of health of the star. The website TMZ claimed that Demi Lovato was found in her home unconscious and she was transported immediately to a hospital in Los Angeles. One of his relatives comes to give news of the star first by ensuring that she was “woken up” and then stating that she had not taken heroin. However, Demi Lovato was administered Naxolone, a substance used to treat overdose of opiates, including heroin.

It is the agent of the star who was new, shortly after his hospitalization. “Half woke up and his family wants to thank everyone for their love, their prayers and their support. Some of the information reported by the media are incorrect and his family are asking for the respect of private life, and to stop the speculations about his state of health. His recovery is the most important at the present time.”, he said the site ‘s Variety. Demi Lovato, who joined recently Christina Aguilera on a powerful ride “Fall In Line”, had celebrated 6 years of sobriety and was very happy. However, last June, she unveiled her hit “Sober” where she admitted to having relapsed. “I’m sorry to be still in this situation, I swear to make me help, this was not my intention, I’m sorry for myself.”, confided to it. It is hoped that Demi Lovato will receive the help she needs and wish him a very speedy recovery.

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  1. OMG!!! I bet preston has just heaved a HUGE sigh of relief…………she used to be nice????

    By Lisa.. Posted March 8 2009 at 10:59 AM.

    The silicons look good, the rest is just pathetic (and prob only some men will even like that): no brains, desperation to be famous, but hey, that is what some newspapers/media is grooming the future generations.

    There are thousands of decent, intelligent, genuinely good looking English office workers Media should try to portray as models!

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